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n. 1 (plural of ham English) 2 (context exercise slang English) The hamstring muscles; the biceps femoris

Usage examples of "hams".

The Hams had fallen, baffled, to this strange place of red dirt and grass.

The Hams lived lives of constant exertion and physical stress, and injuries were common.

If the world of the Hams was unchanging, it was also a world of limits.

With their hulking bodies and broad bony faces the Hams seemed like extras in some dreadful old movie to Emma, wrapped up in their animal skins, knocking their crude tools out of the rock.

She knew there were Hams and Runners and Elf-folk and Nutcracker-folk, and presumably others.

For all the Hams jabbered their broken English, Emma knew she could never become part of this inward-looking, deeply conservative community.

The Hams would jabber about how Skinnies saw people in the rock, as if the symbols themselves were somehow sentient.

If these Hams were still not quite human as she was, nevertheless they had their own gaps in their heads, barriers between the rooms.

They wore clothing of animal skin, but it was carefully stitched a long way beyond the crude wraps the Hams tied around their bodies -- and they spoke English, with a strong, twisted accent.

But she saw that the Hams cowered from these Zealots, as they called them, a label Emma found less than encouraging.

But when the Hams saw her stalking around the forest lashing at branches and lianas, or, worse, muttering to herself, they became disturbed.

She watched the Hams as they shambled about their various tasks, their brute bodies wrapped up in tied-on animal skins like Christmas parcels.

One day at a time: that was how the Hams lived, with no significant thought for tomorrow for they appeared simply to assume that tomorrow would be much like today, and like yesterday, and the day before that.

She did not abandon her shining thread of hope that someday she would get out of here -- without that she would have feared for her sanity -- but she tried to emulate the Hams in their focus on the now.

She equipped herself with stone tools and spears from the Ham encampment -- without guilt, for the Hams seemed to make most of their tools as they needed them and then abandoned them.