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Hammel is a town in central Denmark with a population of 6,906 (1 January 2014), and a former railway town at the Aarhus-Hammel- Thorsø railroad which was closed in 1956. The town is located in Favrskov municipality in Jutland. Until January 1, 2007, it was also the site of the municipal council of the now former Hammel municipality.

Hammel (disambiguation)

Hammel may refer to:

Hammel (automobile)

The Hammel is an early car from Denmark, built by Urban Johansen und Albert F. Hammel. It is connected with some controversy regarding its exact year of construction. One claim is that it was introduced in 1886, making it one of the very first motorcars in the world. Other sources mention the years between 1887 and 1890 as more probable. Only one was constructed. It has been restored and is exhibited in the Technological Museum in Helsingør.

Usage examples of "hammel".

Costello and Hammel could have pulled out in two ways: either by a merger, or else by having Enstone commit suicide so that Cosmopolitans would tumble down in the scare and they could buy them in you'll probably find they've sold a bear in them all through the month, trying to break the price.