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Hamm (, Latin: Hammona) is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located in the northeastern part of the Ruhr area. As of December 2003 its population was 180,849. The city is situated between the A1 motorway and A2 motorway. Hamm railway station is an important hub for rail transport and renowned for its distinctive station building.

Hamm (disambiguation)

Hamm can refer to:

Hamm (Sieg)

Hamm is a municipality in the district of Altenkirchen, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is situated on the river Sieg, approx. 10 km north-east of Altenkirchen, and 40 km east of Bonn.

Hamm is the seat of the Verbandsgemeinde ("collective municipality") Hamm (Sieg).

Its web address is 1. It is the home of the Raiffeisenmuseum honouring Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen who pioneered rural credit unions. See 2.

Hamm (Verbandsgemeinde)

Hamm is a Verbandsgemeinde ("collective municipality") in the district of Altenkirchen, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The seat of the Verbandsgemeinde is in Hamm.

The Verbandsgemeinde Hamm consists of the following Ortsgemeinden ("local municipalities"):

  1. Birkenbeul
  2. Bitzen
  3. Breitscheidt
  4. Bruchertseifen
  5. Etzbach
  6. Forst
  7. Fürthen
  8. Hamm (Sieg)
  9. Niederirsen
  10. Pracht
  11. Roth
  12. Seelbach bei Hamm
Hamm (surname)

Hamm is an English, German & Scottish surname. Most Hamm families in the United States are of Scottish descent. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bob Hamm (1934-2009), American poet
  • Bob Hamm (American football) (born 1959), American football player
  • Harold Hamm (born 1945), American businessman
  • Hildegard Hamm-Brücher (born 1921), a German politician
  • Johann Valentin Hamm (1811-1874), also known as J.V. Hamm, composer of "Milanollo", the regimental quick march of the Coldstream Guards and the Governor General's Foot Guards.
  • John Hamm (born 1938), a Canadian politician
  • Jon Hamm (born 1971), an American actor
  • Josip Hamm (1905-1986), a Croatian Slavist
  • Mia Hamm (born 1972), an American soccer legend
  • Philip Hamm, Former member of the Wisconsin State Assembly
  • Twin brothers who are American gymnasts
    • Paul Hamm (born 1982)
    • Morgan Hamm (born 1982)
  • Shannon Hamm (born 1967), a guitar player
  • Stuart Hamm (born 1960), a bass player
  • Theodore Hamm, founder of the Hamm%27s Brewery in St. Paul, Minnesota