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n. (plural of hamlet English)


Hamlets(previously known as IBM Servlet-based Content Creation Framework) is the name of an open source system for generating web-pages originally developed by René Pawlitzek at IBM. He defines a Hamlet as a servlet extension that reads XHTML template files containing presentation using SAX (the Simple API for XML) and dynamically adds content on the fly to those places in the template which are marked with special tags and IDs using a small set of callback functions. A template compiler can be used to accelerate Hamlets.

Hamlets provide an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, lightweight, small-footprint, servlet-based content creation framework that facilitates the development of Web-based applications. The Hamlets framework not only supports but also enforces the complete separation of content and presentation.

Usage examples of "hamlets".

Atheism and free-thinking were for wealthy cities, not for hamlets where a hard winter or a bad storm could mean starvation for whole households.

His hands were joined together again as if he were suffering, as indeed he was, for this was the fourteenth family he had been to today in the three villages and five hamlets that made up his parish.

It was around this time that Matthew became really conscious of the danger of the river water, for it was into this that the effluent flowed, that cattle paddled and went to drink, that cats and dogs were thrown, and it was from this also that most of the hamlets and the villages drew their water supplies.

They trudged silently past tiny hamlets clinging to the mountainsides.

Maisaka was filled with simple pilgrims from the outlying hamlets and from the villages between the official post stations.

Their experience was in the bush, in hamlets and villages, not in the many small, low-slung, ugly towns that then dotted the country and are still a part of a landscape that never seems to change.

They basically terrorized the people in the hamlets and the countryside.

And by the time I left in July of 1970 all thirty-six of our hamlets had received the highest rating that they could under a program called the hamlet evaluation system.