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Hami may refer to:

  • Hami City, in Xinjiang, China
    • Yizhou District, the former Hami county-level city
    • Hami melon, a type of muskmelon from the city
    • Hami Desert, desert in Xinjiang
  • Hami, Iran, a village in South Khorasan Province
  • Hami, Kagoshima, Japan
  • Hami, Yemen

Usage examples of "hami".

Petals lay among them: the same flowers that Manethrall Hami wore around her neck.

And with it came the ice-sharp wind which Manethrall Hami had promised.

Both Hami and Stave had mentioned them earlier, but she did not know what the name implied.

As far as she could tell, they were all there, Liand and Stave, Manethrall Hami, perhaps as many as thirty other Ramen: everyone except Anele.

Linden saw immediately that Hami had told the literal truth: she did not know how to call the ur-viles.

Fortunately Manethrall Hami called a halt so that the travelers could rest and refresh themselves before tackling the knurled litter of the ridge.

Manethralls glanced at him as Hami said his name, then returned their attention to Linden.

Linden nodded, Hami guided her to a circle of seats in the center of the clearing.

Silence held the rest of the gathering, however, and Hami did not heed the Stonedownor.

Fortunately, Hami soon approached between the shelters, trailing a small entourage which included two other Manethralls and Cord Bhapa.

With Hami and the others, she moved toward the circle of trodden ground where Anele had burned her, and Esmer had nearly killed Stave.

When the Cords had set a few of their wooden blocks in a small circle, Hami sat down and gestured for her companions to join her.

But her hands still shook, and she did not feel ready to pursue what Hami had said.

He wrestled with them furiously until Manethrall Hami snapped his name.

As if deliberately, she gulped at the cup of water Hami held to her lips.