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C D C, E F A, B A C

                  Sa Ni Dha Pa, ma Pa Dha Pa, Ga Ma Re Sa
                  C  B  A   G, F# G  A   G, E  F  D  C

The Sanskrit scholars do not permit the use of teevra madhyam in this Raga and consider it to have emanated from Raga Bilawal. But today the F# has become a part of the Raga in question. A special characteristic feature of this raga is the specific way in which the dhaivat (dha) is sung or played with a touch of upper nishad (ni) at the beginning. This raga is very popular due to its melodius, appealing nature.The time to sing this raga is 2nd prahar of night i.e. 9:00pm-12:00 night.