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Halych (, Halych; ; , Halich; , Galich, ) is a historic city on the Dniester River in western Ukraine. The town gave its name to the historic province and the Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia, of which it was the capital until the early 14th century, when the seat of the local princes was moved to Lviv.

In the past, the town belonged to several countries. In 1349, together with Red Ruthenia, it was annexed by Polish King Casimir III the Great. After his death, it was ruled by the Kingdom of Hungary (1370-1387). For the next 400 years, it was part of Poland’s Ruthenian Voivodeship, but following the first partition of Poland (1772) it became part of Austrian Galicia, in which it remained until late 1918. Between November 1918 and May 1919, Halych belonged to short-lived West Ukrainian People's Republic. From May 1919 until September 1939 (see Soviet invasion of Poland), Halicz the seat of a county in Second Polish Republic’s Stanisławów Voivodeship.

Today Halych is a small city and is located right next to the former capital of the Galicia Kingdom although it preserved its former name. It also is the administrative center of Halych Raion ( district) of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast ( region). It lies north of the oblast capital, Ivano-Frankivsk. Population: .