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vb. (dated form of halloo English)

Haloo (poet)

Mohammad Reza Ali Payam also known as Haloo is an Iranian poet and satirist. He is currently a political prisoner of the Iranian government. He has spoken extensively though the medium of satire and poetry against injustice and corruption. In 2012 he published a new poem about the Evin Prison where was being held.

Usage examples of "haloo".

Even before the Mouser had halooed for him and scanned the nearby terrain, he knew that his foolish, self-ridiculed fears had become certainties.

Fel-Holdt, tall and grim in the saddle, halooed, and we were off—to a long roll of accompanying thunder in the west.

Hal Mollen and Robin Flint raced past at a gallop, halooing to the gatehouse.

As they rowed along they heard a shrill halooing from one of the cliffs, and looking up they saw Dr Maturin, waving a handkerchief.