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Hallel (, "Praise") is a Jewish prayer, a verbatim recitation from , which is used for praise and thanksgiving that is recited by observant Jews on Jewish holidays.

Hallel (pesukei dezimra)

Hallel of pesukei dezimra a selection of six psalms recited as part of pesukei dezimra (Hymnal Verses) — the introduction the daily morning service. This "Hallel" is specifically Ashrei (most of which is Psalm 145) followed by Psalms 146-150. The term Hallel without a qualifier general refers to Psalms 113-118 which are recited only of festivals; for this reason the Hallel of pesukei dezimra is also known as the "daily Hallel".

These psalms are recited because they are devoted entirely to the praise of God.

Originally, this was the only part of pesukei dezimra. Its recitation was considered voluntary for a long time.