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Hall tree

A hall tree is a piece of furniture, usually found in hallways or near the entryway of homes, on which people hang items such as hats, coats, or other clothing. They often have mirrors and drawers to store personal items such as wallets, sunglasses, money, etc. Many incorporate a bench to sit upon while putting on or taking off footwear. The bench seat is often hinged with a storage space underneath often used for shoes, hats and gloves. Most hall trees are made of wood. In Victorian times some of the better quality hall trees were made of walnut or oak.

Usage examples of "hall tree".

She patted him, then shed her heavy shearling coat and hung it on the hall tree, sighing in relief at the immediate sense of freedom and coolness.

She hung the coat on an oak hall tree, which looked a hundred years old and worth a small fortune.

The foyer was dominated by a large hall tree, and the living room contained not only antique bookcases and china cabinets but a pristine Victrola and a beautiful baby-grand piano.

The ruined black silk of his former clothes hung on him like he was a hall tree instead of a man.

Seized by a sudden impulse, I snatched a cloak from the hall tree and darted out after her.