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Half-Man (fairy tale)

Half-Man is a French fairy tale collected by Achille Millien and Paul Delarue.

It is Aarne-Thompson type 675, a type of tale found throughout Europe. Another variant is Peruonto.

Usage examples of "half-man".

In nightmares and in prophecy Apollonius had seen him disguising himself as a crippled beggar during the day, so that no one would take undue notice of him, then changing shape in the dusk and stalking the Ephesians by night, a great monster half-wolf, half-man, a lycanthrope who reveled in the killings.

Let anyone who imagined that the Neanderthals had been mere bestial shaggy half-men listen to Timmie retelling the story of Theseus in the Labyrinth!

Do you accept the teaching of the atheistic humanists at Yale University that this here monkey lived two million years ago, breeding a nest of half-animals, half-men, when the Bible itself says God made this Earth about six thousand years ago, and we have proof to prove it?

Slowly, dreamily, she drifted into a new dream where strange beasts -half-horse half-man - ran through forest trails, and dryads, beautiful and bewitching, sat by sparkling streams.

She seemed to mark a divide, and after her came Rango the Missing Link, then the Fat Woman, called Happy Hannah, then Willard, and finally Andro the Half-Man Half-Woman.

His helmet was crowned with a plume of egret's feathers, and his features were grotesque and metallic, half-eagle and half-man, with a hooked beak and dark slits for eyes.

Damned silly kimonos - you look like a woman, Pilot - or one of those half-men!

Every school-child knows the legend of the labyrinth of Knossos, built to imprison the monstrous half-man half-bull known as the Minotaur, who fed on young men and maidens offered as tribute by the Greek cities that had been conquered by Crete.

Even such a half-man as the Neanderthaler was preferable to the scornful pity of her own people, and Hwoogh was not unkind.

He was carried back into the main room where the half-men had eaten their porridge, where Keeper's friend had been killed by the gas pellet gun in the chief's hand.