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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Half-and-half \Half`-and-half"\, n. A mixture of two malt liquors, esp. porter and ale, in about equal parts.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1756 as "ale and porter;" as a mixture of milk and cream, by 1946.


a. (alternative spelling of half and half English) adv. (alternative spelling of half and half English) n. (alternative spelling of half and half English)


adj. in equal parts; "a half-and-half mixture"

  1. n. half milk and half light cream; contains 10% to 18% butterfat

  2. adv. in equal parts; "it was divided half-and-half"

Usage examples of "half-and-half".

Even the less flamboyant Fools courted danger: The half-and-half extremists seemed almost to glory in it.

Instead its mushrooms, black beans, fettucine, lettuce, a pineapple, skim milk, coffee, radishes, turnips, a rutabaga, oatmeal, butter, cottage cheese, rye bread, mayonnaise, eggs, razors, deodorant, Granny Smith apples, half-and-half, bagels, shrimp, cream cheese, Frosted MiniWheats, marinara sauce, frozen orange juice, carrots, condoms, sweet potatoes.