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Hala (given name)

Hala is both a Muslim and Christian female given name meaning " halo (halo)". It is a cognate of Hebrew Hila (given name).

Usage examples of "hala".

The driver was trying to keep up his end of the debate with an ever-louder strain, and he halted Hala with his palm when she would speak up and be heard among the men.

Somehow Hala had never seemed like the demur little village girl that obeyed her elders, he wondered if this older version surprised them now, or if they resented her for it.

Mathew guessed that this particular village had not heard of equal rights at all, and smothered a grin at the thought of Hala teaching them what those rights meant.

The driver then turned and spoke to Hala in the native language that Mathew was starting to feel remote and estranged from.

And Hala brushed him off, practically pushed him into the front seat of the jeep and on his way.

Leaning against one of the tall stone pillars, Hala eased her backpack from her shoulders to the ground.

All around them the sounds of insects came alive in the dusky darkness, and Hala took the flask of water from her pocket and drank deeply before pointing to the spot behind Mathew.

And then Hala jerked back, and her feet left the ground in small levitating increments until Mathew stared up, slack-jawed, at the soles of her feet.

Mathew thought he heard an instant where Hala had tried to protest, but all was silent as the air lightened and he at last could move freely.

The stillness grated on his ears as he looked around for Hala, as he scrambled to the entrance and the long foreboding halls that he never wanted to be alone within, listening for movement, for footsteps in the rubble.

The trickle of laughter was low enough to be rain at first, but then it became louder until Mathew was sure it was Hala and he ran through the rooms, step after step of denial, relieved that it had just been one of those striking dreams, so life-like and real it convinced you even as you woke upright, sweat-drenched and white-flashbulb-eyes impossibly wide.

For there in the form of madness, of scales just beneath her breasts, and the wild untamed beauty of Hala, grew the tentacles of medusa, and the long, jagged teeth of the hydra.

The walls came faster, and faster, until Hala at last stopped the hysterics and held out her hand.

Wilhene and Glaswherry Hala and distant Varhees, sung in the original tongues of those places and those people, blended into a rich and oddly comforting stew.

Calimekka got the news from the first of the southern refugees a week after Glaswherry Hala fell - and the news was bad.