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n. Pawnee Indian ceremony celebrating the union of Earth and Heaven and the genesis of life


Hako ; is a village in the Aragatsotn Province of Armenia.The town is mostly populated by Yazidis.

Hako (disambiguation)

Hako may refer to:

  • Hakö language, an Austronesian language
  • Mount Hako, a mountain in the Kitami Mountains, Hokkaidō, Japan
  • Scion Hako Coupe, a concept car
  • Hako GmbH, is a manufacturer of street sweeping equipment and ultra-light commercial vehicles, headquartered in Bad Oldesloe,Germany with customers in about sixty countries.
  • Hako (Armenia), village in the Aragatsotn Province
Hako (Rapa Nui)

Hako is a term used to describe the tribal war dance of Easter Island. Nevertheless, it is used to use like dance of welcome and is sign of hospitality, but also as a method of intimidation before sports matches in the same way that the Haka is performed by the New Zealand national rugby union team.

Usage examples of "hako".

Instead Hako Fezdan reached under the door and slid open a small secret panel that had been disguised to look like a latch hook.

Below them, in the corridor, one of the Elaysians was weeping openly, and even Hako Fezdan looked ashen as he considered the gravity of what they were about to do.

He had once been imprisoned there, as part of the twisting moils of the Hakone plot, with most of the Gurkhas.