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Haken may refer to:

  • Wolfgang Haken (born 1928), mathematician who helped prove the four color theorem and made notable contributions to low-dimensional topology
  • Haken manifold, a type of 3-manifold named after Wolfgang Haken
  • Rianne ten Haken (born 1986), Dutch model
  • Haken Audio, maker of the Continuum instrument
  • Haken (band), an English progressive metal band
  • Hermann Haken (born 1927), physicist best known for his contributions to laser theory and Synergetics
  • Shiluach haken, a mitzvah in the Torah
  • Haken (employment), a type of labor contract in Japan that refers to temporary or dispatch employment
Haken (band)

Haken (pronounced ) is a London-based progressive metal band formed in 2007. As of 2016, Haken has released a total of four full-length studio albums and one EP.

Haken (employment)

is the Japanese term for temporary employees dispatched to companies by staffing agencies.