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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1580s, physician in Arab countries, from Arabic hakim "wise," from stem of hakuma "he was wise;" whence also hakam "judge," hikmah "wisdom, science."


n. a Muslim physician [syn: hakim]

Usage examples of "hakeem".

The message was from Hakeem, the Moorish Teller of Tales, a crafty spy and a sharp-eyed peddler whom he had known since he was a boy in Palermo.

He must concentrate on reaching the opening at the other end, where Hakeem had a horse waiting.

Tancred, thinking back to the frowns that came from the abbey monks when Hakeem had appeared at the Christian domain, even though Hakeem had wisely kept outside the gate.

Tancred took his leave of the black tent, and it was yet dark when he rode with Hakeem to the Moorish section of Palermo.

Tancred approached the house of his grandfather from the alley, leaving Hakeem on guard.

Several large caravans of merchants, bringing their wares from Baghdad and Cairo, were passing into the city at the time they arrived, and he and Hakeem fell in beside the hustle of camels flowing into the city.

In the room that he shared with Hakeem, Tancred opened the window that looked directly onto the cloistered quarter of wealthy Venetian merchants.

Each day he and Hakeem took turns wandering the bazaars, waiting for the informer who knew also-Kareem to come from the black tents of Aleppo, near Antioch.

A written message was delivered, and Tancred returned with Hakeem to their small room.

The Normans would arrive by April, and Tancred intended to speak with Nicholas before he rode with Hakeem to the Castle of Hohms.

With Hakeem now prowling ahead on foot, leading his horse, Tancred leisurely rode Apollo through the throngs of merchants and buyers.

He saw Tancred arrive with Hakeem, but Tancred pretended to prepare for sword practice.

And then--with Hakeem, he would ride to the Castle of Hohms, and Antioch.

With help from his wily Moorish friend, Hakeem, who is equally a snake to be distrusted, Tancred escaped his castle in Palermo, Sicily.

The muscled black stallion named Apollo, belonging to Helena, stood saddled and waiting for him beside Hakeem, his Moorish friend from Sicily-- perhaps the only man he could trust in all the empire.