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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Haje \Ha"je\ (h[aum]"j[-e]), n. [Ar. hayya snake.] (Zo["o]l.) The Egyptian asp or cobra ( Naja haje.) It is related to the cobra of India, and like the latter has the power of inflating its neck into a hood. Its bite is very venomous. It is supposed to be the snake by means of whose bite Cleopatra committed suicide, and hence is sometimes called Cleopatra's snake or asp. See Asp.


n. The Egyptian cobra, (taxlink Naja haje species noshow=1)

Háje (Prague Metro)

Háje is a Prague Metro station and the terminus of Line C. It is named after a local neighborhood, whose name in English literally means groves. Háje station, along with the two stations preceding it, serve Jižní Město, the largest housing estate in the Czech Republic.

The station was opened on November 7, 1980 and was formerly known as Kosmonautů (meaning [station of] the astronauts) until 1990.

Category:Prague Metro stations Category:Railway stations opened in 1980

Háje (Příbram District)

Háje (Příbram District) is a village and municipality in Příbram District in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.

Usage examples of "haje".

The naja haje, like the cobra of India, writhes away from a brilliant light flashed suddenly upon it.

In return for his illuminating data regarding the reptile known as the naja haje, he had learned all the findings that the police had made.

It did not contain details regarding the naja haje, or Egyptian cobra.

You released a species of snake known as the naja haje - a deadly serpent that was within the cane.