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Haimo or Haymo, or similar variants, can refer to:

  • Haimo (dapifer), Norman landowner and High Sheriff of Kent
  • Haymo of Halberstadt, German Biblical scholar of the ninth century
  • Haimo of Auxerre, French Biblical scholar of the ninth century
  • Haymo of Faversham, English Franciscan of the thirteenth century
  • Haymo (Bishop of Wrocław), Polish bishop 1120-1126
  • Deborah and Franklin Haimo Awards for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics
  • Haemus Latin name for, Greek Haimos, mythical king transformed into the Balkan mountains
  • Haemus Mons, Latin name for the Balkan mountains
  • Haymo Lestrange, husband of Isabella of Ibelin, Queen of Cyprus from 1272–1273