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Haimirich is an Old High German given name from which many modern names derive. Among them are names like Henry, Henri, Heinrich, Enrico, Enrique and their female counterparts. This name means 'ruler of the Home', from 'haim' (home) and 'rich' (powerful).

Some forms and alternates of this name:

  • Catalan: Enric, Enriqueta (female name), Aimerich (surname)
  • Croatian: Emerik
  • Czech (Bohemian): Jindřich, Jindřiška (female name)
  • Dutch: Hendrik, Henrick, Henk (diminutive), Hennie (female diminutive)
  • English: Hank, Henry, Harry, Henrie, Henrye, Hendrick, Henrietta (female name), Emeric
  • Finnish: Henri, Henrik, Heikki
  • French: Henri, Aymeric, Émeric, Aymerie, Émery, Henriette (female name)
  • German: Heinrich, Hinrich, Heine, Henriette (female name), Emmerich
  • Greek: Ερρίκος (Erríkos), Έρικα (Érika) (female name)
  • Hungarian: Imre, Henrik (two different names today)
  • Italian: Enrico, Enzo, Amerigo, Arrigo, Emerico; Enrica, Enrichetta (female names),
  • Irish Gaelic: Anraoi, Anraí, Einrí
  • Latin: Henricus, Emericus
  • Polish: Henryk, Henryka (female name), Hainrich, Hendrych, Henio (diminutive)
  • Portuguese: Henrique, Henriques, Henriqueta (female name)
  • Scandinavian: Henrik, Henning, Henrietta (female name)
  • Scottish Gaelic: Eanraig
  • Slovak: Imrich
  • Spanish: Enrique, Enriqueta (female name)
  • Turkish: Emre

Even the name America may well derive from this name, from Haimirich > Emericus > Americus > America. America is so named in honour of either Amerigo Vespucci (who referred to himself in writing as Americus Vespucius), who was one of the first to assert that America was a newly discovered continent or from Richard Amerike. Vespucci was named in honor of St. Emericus, or, in Hungarian, Szent Imre, son of the first king of Hungary, St. Stephen. Other theories are held by a small minority of historians. See The Americas.

Some of the above names, on the other hand, may be from Amaliricus or its roots (Amal and Eric), especially ones like Emeric, Amerigo, and Arrigo.

In Europe, many kings and noblemen of various countries had names derived from Haimirich. For examples, see List of British monarchs, List of French Monarchs, List of German Kings and Emperors, various other lists of medieval rulers, to be found at Lists of incumbents, and King Henry.