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Haight may refer to:

People with the surname Haight:

  • Albert Haight (1842-1926), New York lawyer
  • Charles C. Haight (1841-1917), American architect
  • Charles S. Haight, Jr., judge in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York
  • David B. Haight (1906–2004), American politician and religious leader
  • Elmer E. Haight (1861-1934), American politician
  • Gordon S. Haight (1901-1985), American professor of English at Yale University
  • Henry Haight (1820-1869), American exchange banker, uncle of Henry Huntly Haight
  • Henry Huntly Haight (1825-1878), American politician, Governor of California
  • Horton D. Haight (1832–1900), Mormon pioneer
  • Jacob Haight, New York State Treasurer 1839-1842
  • J. Hayward Haight, American politician
  • Roger Haight, is an American Jesuit theologian.
  • Thomas Griffith Haight (1879-1942), United States federal judge in New Jersey.

In places:

  • Haight Street, San Francisco
  • Haight-Ashbury, a neighborhood in San Francisco famous for its connections to the 1960s counterculture
  • Lower Haight, San Francisco
  • Haight Township, Michigan