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Haig may refer to:

Haig (surname)

Haig is an English surname of Anglo-Saxon origin, and may refer to:

  • Al Haig (1922–1982), American jazz pianist
  • Alan Haig-Brown (born 1941), Canadian novelist
  • Alan Haig-Brown (footballer) (1877–1918), British Army officer and footballer
  • Alexander Haig (1924–2010), U.S. Army general, White House Chief of Staff and U.S. Secretary of State
  • Alexander Haig, 3rd Earl Haig (born 1961)
  • Brian Haig (born 1953), American novelist
  • David Haig (born 1955), British actor
  • David Haig (biologist) (born 1958), Australian biologist
  • Derek Haig, fictional character in Canadian TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation
  • Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig (1861–1928), senior British commander during World War I
  • Douglas Haig (actor) (1920–2011), child actor in silent and sound films
  • George Haig, 2nd Earl Haig (1918–2009), British soldier and artist
  • Georgina Haig (born 1985), Australian actress
  • Jack Haig (1913–1989), British actor
  • Jimmy Haig (1924–1996), New Zealand rugby footballer
  • John Thomas Haig (1877–1962), Canadian politician
  • Ned Haig (1858–1939), Scottish rugby union player
  • Nigel Haig (1887–1966), British cricketer
  • Paul Haig (born 1960), Scottish musician
  • Richard Haig (born 1970), Welsh footballer
  • Roderick Haig-Brown (1908–1976), Canadian writer and conservationist
  • Shirley Haig (born 1950), New Zealand hockey player
  • Sid Haig (born 1939), American actor
Haig (whisky)

Haig, also known as Dimple, Dimple Pinch, or Haig's Pinch, is brand of Scotch whisky, originally manufactured by John Haig & Co Ltd. The brand and its original distillery are now part of Diageo, the world's largest spirits company (and a major producer of beer and wine).