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A little below the point where the cross of the A meets and cuts the right stroke, is La Haie Sainte.

At the same time Napoleon attacked the centre by hurling the brigade of Quiot upon La Haie Sainte, and Ney pushed the right wing of the French against the left wing of the English which rested upon Papelotte.

For Wellington the battle had two points of support, Hougomont and La Haie Sainte.

The third station, that of seven o'clock, between La Belle Alliance and La Haie Sainte is terrible.

He looked for some time at the English barricades on the two roads, two large abattis of trees, that on the Genappe road above La Haie Sainte, armed with two cannon, which alone, of all the English artillery, bore upon the bottom of the field of battle, and that of the Nivelles road where glistened the Dutch bayonets of Chassé's brigade.

Alten's division, already so cut up at La Haie Sainte, was almost destroyed.

Then there are three other 19-year-olds: the skinny locksmith Tjaden, the farmer Detering, and the peat-digger Haie Westhus.

Meanwhile Haie Westhus, the peat-digger, ambles over, sits down, and winks at Paul.