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Hagi, Hadži, or Hadzhi (Хаджи) is a name derived from hajji, an honorific title given to a Muslim person who has successfully completed the Hajj to Mecca, which was later adopted by Christian peoples as a word for pilgrim.

Usage examples of "hagi".

I need to know if Hagi has neutralized whatever team Starfleet sent down.

She stood on the other side of the forcefield from Hagi and was aiming her weapon at him.

Before Hagi could move to charge at the human, an amber beam fired from the weapon and struck Hagi square in the chest.

Down on the levels, in the camp of Heinar Hagi, we've one such "idiot" who works for his living -and Janni Nunov lugs boulders which I can't even budge!

Likewise in the south, at the edge of the forest where it gave way to grasslands and finally the desert: fifty pioneers of the Szgany Hagi, tending their crops where they'd built permanent homes among the trees.

About the Szgany Hagi, the Szgany in general, herself, her situation - everything.

Like the Szgany Ferenc before them, the Szgany Hagi are touched by it.

The men, Szgany Hagi, saw the skin, hair and bones, and knew that this had been a goat.

Down on the levels, in the camp of Heinar Hagi, we've one such "idiot"

East lay the territories of the Szgany Hagi, the Szgany Tireni, the Mirlus, Lidescis, and many another band or tribe.

Among the unsuspecting Hagis, the Lord of Vampires had seduced a girl, who later converted Hengor among others before the tribe's leader, Heinar Hagi, put her down.

With the exception of Lord Shaitan the Unborn, who preferred absolute control over his odalisques, and Hengor Hagi, because he had the bulk of a bull shad and Rusha would not suffer the necessary bruising of such an affaire, she'd had all the Lords worth mentioning as lovers.

Also, if at any future time something should befall Hengor Hagi, you know there's a place for you with me.

Radu allied himself with Hengor Hagi, Klaus Lankari, and Thereza Lugosi against the Ferenczys, who were now legion.

Then the reckoning, when Hengor Hagi, Klaus Lankari, and Thereza Lugosi were buried alive out on the boulder plains, to stiffen to stones, and Turgo Zolte was banished into the northern Icelands.