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Hydroxyacylglutathione hydrolase, mitochondrial is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the HAGH gene.

Usage examples of "hagh".

We spoke of the letter received recently from Eric Hagh, Miss Eads’ former husband, by Perry Helmar—you know about that?

As for Irby, he says that he is representing Eric Hagh, the former husband of Priscilla Eads, and he would like to talk with you.

In the letter Priscilla Hagh gave her husband, Eric Hagh, a half-interest, without reservation, in all property then hers or to become hers at any time in the future.

Of the letter signed by Priscilla Hagh and witnessed by Margaret Caselli?

I can say this, that Hagh first saw Blanco only a month ago, to show him the document and consult him as to the method of putting in his claim immediately after June thirtieth, his former wife’s birthday, when she would come into possession of property worth millions.

With that, and with the details supplied by Hagh, Blanco advised him not to wait for June thirtieth, when the property would pass to Priscilla, but to file his claim immediately with the trustee, Perry Helmar, demanding that half of the property be transferred to Hagh instead of Priscilla, and warning Helmar that he would be held responsible for any default.

Anyhow Hagh took it, and a communication was sent to Helmar which Blanco wrote and Hagh signed, and a copy of it was sent to Priscilla.

She admitted that she had signed the document in good faith, but soon afterward had changed her mind and asked Hagh to give it back, and he had refused.

She offered to pay a hundred thousand dollars cash in settlement of the claim, and said that if Hagh didn’t accept that he would get nothing unless a court ordered it.

Such assistance in authentication would be of great value to Mr Hagh, amounting to five per cent of the total sum received by him in settlement of his claim under the terms of the document.

I went to the hall with them and was disappointed again when Hagh, who was younger, bigger, and stronger than Irby, insisted on carrying both the bag and the suitcase.

When I introduced Eric Hagh and his attorney, Irby, to them, there was no handshaking—for one thing the Softdown group was too surprised.

Of course none of them had ever seen Parker before, and Irby and Hagh had never seen Sarah Jaffee.

Nearby was Eric Hagh, and beyond him were the two lawyers, Irby and Parker.

I am told that you are now claiming—specifically you, Mr Helmar—that the document signed by Priscilla Eads, then Priscilla Hagh, giving her husband a half-interest in her property, is spurious.