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Hägg is a Swedish surname. Hägg is also the Swedish name for the bird cherry ( Prunus padus), a species of cherry native to northern Europe. Hägg was commonly included on the listing of soldier's names taken from nature. Hägg may refer to:


Hagg or Haggs may refer to:

  • Hägg, Swedish surname
  • Arthur Ernest Hagg (1888–1985), British aircraft and boat designer
  • Eric Hagg (born 1989), former American football safety
  • Russell Hagg (born 1938), Australian designer and director
  • Levitt Hagg, largely abandoned hamlet in South Yorkshire, England
  • Henry Hagg Lake, artificial lake in northwest Oregon, United States
  • Den Hagg: The Hague, Netherlands
  • Ḥaǧǧ: Hajj, annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca
  • Haggs, village in Falkirk, Scotland
  • Haggs Castle, 16th-century tower house, Pollokshields, Glasgow, Scotland
  • Sea Haggs, 1990s Australian indie rock band

Usage examples of "hagg".

The Hagg sat lower than a snow-cat, with a towing point at the back of the rear cab, hydraulic steering linkage the other end, so there was no way, in bulky gear, to wriggle between the tracks.

The loadie got more straps on the Hagg, yelled at them to sit down, buckle up.

He steadied himself against the Hagg, stepped over the tie-downs and worked his way back to Zia.

The nose of the Hagg had broken loose and peeled back part of the fuselage like a giant can-opener.

He stumbled along the listing floor past the bulk of the Hagg into the glare.

The Hellcats were forty-five seconds from their next maneuver when Ensign Hagg, the most junior and last member of the squadron to reply, gave his acknowledgment.

Here he encountered an April hailstorm, and had to shelter in a hagg, where he ate his luncheon with intense relish.