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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hagbut \Hag"but\ (-b[u^]t), n. [OF. haquebute, prob. a corruption of D. haakbus; haak hook + bus gun barrel. See Hook, and 2d Box, and cf. Arquebus.] A harquebus, of which the but was bent down or hooked for convenience in taking aim. [Written also haguebut and hackbuss.]


n. (context obsolete English) A firearm with a long barrel.


n. an obsolete firearm with a long barrel [syn: arquebus, harquebus, hackbut]

Usage examples of "hagbut".

After a few moments in thought, Hagbut shrugged to himself and looked Brim directly in the eye.

Red-faced and custom-tailored as always, Hagbut still spoke as if he disliked showing his teeth.

Ambridge was in the process of explaining again that the traffic signal was enabled for their direction when Hagbut interrupted him in midsentence.

Momentarily distracted, Hagbut glanced past Margot into the limousine.

Of course, Hagbut could have no idea that she and a mere Carescrian planned to spend the evening making love.

While they waited for Margot to return, Hagbut and Quince droned on without letup.

General Hagbut would not deny a poor princess the pleasure of dancing to such an elegant orchestra.

Perspiration beading his forehead, Hagbut got to his feet like someone facing a firing squad.

Margot and Hagbut were now virtually alone on the dance floor-everybody was watching them and applauding.

Archibald ('in Gallowfarren'), killed with shots of pistols and hagbuts in 1608.

As if it were yesterday, Brim could still see the buxom Princess costumed in the low-cut, virtually skirtless blue uniform of an Orenwald prostitute leading Hagbut across the dance floor of Avalon's ostentatious Golden Cockerel club.