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He said I could go on with you to Haen Marn, at least, and maybe beyond if Garin here thinks it safe.

Westlands, he had to laugh at himself, in fact, but he was definitely hoping that this mysterious Haen Marn would offer a traveller soap and hot water.

Garin was trying to get them all passage into Haen Marn, while the helmsman suffered from grave doubts about the wisdom of such a thing.

It was no wonder Haen Marn had the reputation of being so inhospitable, Rhodry thought, if it took all of this to bring strangers in.

So, then, the entrance ran through some sort of dam, and Haen Marn was not entirely a natural creation, no matter which world it belonged in, When he looked ahead, he could see the main island clearly, with its tall watchtower rising from a grove of wind-bent trees, and what seemed to be a long manse at its base, a cluster of small sheds round that, and then a boat dock jutting from a covered boathouse.

But over Haen Marn I do have rule, and of more import I have knowledge of its ways, and it were a wise thing that you all do remember such.

She sees all that does concern Haen Marn, and so your approaching did appear to her, just as the approaching of a storm or some doings of the beasts in the lake would appear.

Does Haen Marn have vassals or allies round here that might owe you men?

Rhodry and Enj were taking ship to leave Haen Marn, Dallandra looked up through the bars of her cage in the Lands and saw that the tedious afternoon of her capture was still refusing to drag itself toward evening.

Once when he were very young, he saw a blaek one flying over Haen Mam, or so he told me, and never could he forget the sight.

Soon, perhaps, he would see Haen Marn safe for himself, anyway, if he could tame this dragon.

As it was, the smoke lay dead south, the wrong direction for Haen Marn.

Finally they flew over the last hill to the valley that should have held Haen Marn.

As it was, he supposed that everything linked to Haen Marn had suffered at its leaving.

They had an errand to run, taking payment for a debt to Haen Marn, you see, after I left it to look for you.