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The Collaborative International Dictionary

hadrosaur \hadrosaur\ n. Any member of the genus Hadrosaurus or family Hadrosauridae, an extinct family of heavy bipedal partly aquatic dinosaurs with duck-billed skull and webbed feet; of the Upper Cretaceous in North America.

Syn: hadrosaurus.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1877, from Modern Latin hadrosaurus, from Greek hadros "thick, stout" (see hadron) + -saurus.


n. (context paleontology English) Any ornithopod dinosaur of the family Hadrosauridae.


n. any of numerous large bipedal ornithischian dinosaurs having a horny duck-like bill and webbed feet; may have been partly aquatic [syn: hadrosaurus, duck-billed dinosaur]

Usage examples of "hadrosaur".

By that trick, we ceased being two bipedal strangers and became a single honorary hadrosaur.

Among the ornithischians are one species each of ankylosaur, nodosaur, and hysilophodont, two species of hadrosaur, and three species each of ceratopsian and pachycephalosaur.

With the advent of the duckbilled hadrosaurs come lower-slung creatures, also with closely packed, interlocking teeth: the ceratopsians or horned dinosaurs.

The Ornithopoda consist of the heterodontosaurs, hypsilophodonts, iguanodonts, and hadrosaurs.

The intensive development of hadrosaurs, replacing the then extinct iguanodonts, the ankylosaurs replacing stegosaurs, and a widespread expansion of horned dinosaurs are just a few examples of the flourishing fauna of herbivorous dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous.

The hypsilophodonts, it is generally believed, led to the more advanced iguanodonts and hadrosaurs.

Late Jurassic Morrison Formation of North America, which was more closely related to the iguanodonts and hadrosaurs than to the hypsilophodonts.

Sucking peacefully at the lakeside vegetation, these goats were like nothing so much as the hadrosaurs, the long-vanished duck-billed dinosaurs.

As the day wore on, the majority of dinosaurs that came to the water were varieties of hadrosaurs, such as the brachylophosaurus, according to Chad.

The legs of the hadrosaurs were strong and heavy, ending in three-toed, hooved feet.

I can see the heads of some hadrosaurs -- the duckbill guys -- in the distance.

He had glimpses of the tyrannosaur down by the lagoon, lunging at the hadrosaurs, which swung their big tails in defense and bonked loudly and continuously.

She was tell-tagging great herds of beasts, varieties of hadrosaur she had not previously noted, and was nearly to the Great Rift where the carotene grass grew.

With an air of finality, he picked up the discarded pods of hadrosaur nuts and placed the smallest one near the giffs' cave, the next largest on the edge of the heavyworlders' plateau and the largest right in the midst of the grid.

From what little is known now, it is thought to have belonged to a hadrosaur, a large duck-billed dinosaur.