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Hadad ( Ugaritic ???????????? Haddu), Adad ( Akkadian) or Iškur ( Sumerian) was the storm and rain god in the Northwest Semitic and ancient Mesopotamian religions.

It was attested in Ebla as "Hadda" in c. 2500 BC. From the Levant, Hadad was introduced to Mesopotamia by the Amorites, where it became known as the Akkadian ( Assyrian- Babylonian) god Adad. Adad and Iškur are usually written with the logogram IM. Hadad was also called "Pidar", "Rapiu", "Baal-Zephon", or often simply Baʿal (Lord), but this title was also used for other gods. The bull was the symbolic animal of Hadad. He appeared bearded, often holding a club and thunderbolt while wearing a bull-horned headdress. Hadad was equated with the Indo-European Nasite Hittite storm-god Teshub; the Egyptian god Set; the Rigvedic god Indra; the Greek god Zeus; the Roman god Jupiter, as Jupiter Dolichenus.

Hadad (disambiguation)

Hadad may refer to:

  • Hadad, an ancient Semitic god
    • Adad, hist Akkadian counterpart
  • Hadad (surname)
  • Hadad (Bible), several biblical characters
  • Hadad ben Bedad, an early king of Edom
  • Hadad the Edomite, a member of the royal house of Edom, who escaped the massacre under Joab and fled to Egypt
Assyrian kings:
  • Adad-nirari I
  • Adad-nirari II
  • Adad-nirari III
  • Hodod Commune, Satu Mare County, Romania
Hadad (Bible)

Multiple biblical characters with the name Hadad (Hadar) existed.

  • Hadad is the name of Semitic storm god.
  • Abraham's son Ishmael had a son named Hadar who was a chief.
  • Hadad ben Bedad, an early king of Edom.
  • Hada, the last king of Edom He ruled from Pau, Edom, which some biblical scholars identify as an Egyptian city. Hadad’s wife was Queen Mehetabel (" God makes happy"), daughter of Matred and granddaughter of Me-Zahab.
  • Hadad, a member of the royal house of Edom, who married the Pharaoh's wife's (Queen Tahpenes) sister and escaped the massacre under Joab, fleeing to Egypt.