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acr. High altitude cerebral oedema


Haco is a Japanese singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound artist, known for her work with After Dinner and Hoahio, among others.

Following formal studies in acoustics, electronic music and recording technology Haco came to international attention fronting the group After Dinner (active between 1981–1991), helped by their association with the " Rock in Opposition"-related label Recommended Records. Haco would later appear in Step Across the Border, 1990's documentary film on Henry Cow's Fred Frith, as well as contributing music to the soundtrack.

Haco released her first solo album in 1995, and embarked on her first solo European tour a year later. More recently, Haco has worked with the groups Mescaline Go-Go, Happiness Proof and Hoahio, and has recorded or performed with countless other artists, such as Otomo Yoshihide.

In addition to her more conventional album releases Haco has also worked in the fields of sound art; curating exhibitions and installations and establishing the sound art project View Masters (with focus on the environmental sounds of daily life), later beginning the production and curation of a four-year series of View Masters lectures, concerts and workshops in 2002.

Usage examples of "haco".

She ran it over briefly in her mind while Elathan spoke, addressing those few hundreds here in the Hall and all the watching billions: In only one day, she, Elathan and Haco Grex together had hammered out a preliminary treaty that, if all went according to plan in the coming battles, would put their three allied nations into such a position of galactic pre-eminence that not for the foreseeable future would Imperium or Phalanx or any other nascent and acquisitive superentity be able to challenge them.

Elathan, who had fought alongside Niall O Kerevan, Tanaxio of the Yamazai and Haco Grex for one epic hour against a cohort of Jaun Akhera's personal guards.