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n. (context legal English) Shortened form of ''habeas corpus''.


Usage examples of "habeas".

They had Habeas Corpus and Chemistry with them, as well as certain supplies Doc had requested.

He knew a trip was about to start, and for a pig, Habeas almost seemed to think.

Chattering mockingly, he would hang there until Habeas gave up and went back to sleep.

Had he thought they were alive, Habeas would have rushed forward to fight with them.

Last, and almost squealing in his delight, despite orders to the contrary, was Habeas Corpus.

Lincoln had been willing to defy Justice Taney on habeas corpus in this state, but if he wanted to prevent a vote of secession, he would have to expand his powers far beyond any ever considered in a democracy.

If arrested, they would have been discharged on habeas corpus, were the writ allowed to operate.

Constitution provides for no limitations on the guarantees of personal liberty, except as to habeas corpus.

Constitution, even habeas corpus may be suspended when, in case of rebellion or invasion, the public safety may require it.

Nor am I able to appreciate the danger that the American people will, by means of military arrests during the rebellion, lose the right of public discussion, the liberty of speech and the press, the law of evidence, trial by jury and habeas corpus any more than I am able to believe that a man could contract so strong an appetite for emetics during temporary illness as to persist in feeding upon them during the remainder of his healthful life.

Monk, although Ham would have let an arm be burned off to the shoulder before he would have admitted of any feeling toward Habeas that was kinder than an intense desire to see breakfast bacon made out of the hog.

Ham finally located a farmer who had found their pets, Habeas and Chemistry.

A more astounding-looking specimen of the pig family than Habeas would be difficult to find.

In dodging this, Habeas displayed an agility as surprising as his appearance.

Monk muttered, and held Habeas by an ear to keep him away from the insulated copper hawsers.