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Haas, also de Haas, is a German and Dutch surname, usually from Hase or de Haas, the German and Dutch words for " hare". Notable people with the surname include the following:

  • Andreas Haas (born 1982), German footballer
  • Arthur Erich Haas (1884–1941), Austrian physicist
  • Barbara Haas (born 1996), Austrian tennis player
  • Bernt Haas (born 1978), Austrian footballer
  • Bill Haas (born 1982), American golfer
  • Bob Haas (born 1942), former chairman of Levi Strauss & Co.
  • Brittany Haas, American Fiddler
  • Carl Haas (1930–2016), American auto racing impresario
  • Charles F. Haas (1913–2011), American film and television director
  • Charles S. Haas (born 1952), American screenwriter and actor
  • Charlie Haas (born 1972), American professional wrestler
  • Christian Haas (born 1958), German sprinter
  • Chrislo Haas (1956–2004), German musician
  • Christl Haas (1943–2001), Austrian Olympic skiing champion
  • Clark Haas (1919–1978), American cartoonist
  • Conrad Haas (1509–1576), Austrian military engineer
  • Daniel Haas (born 1983), German footballer
  • Darius de Haas (born 1968), American stage actor and singer
  • David Haas (born 1957), American author and composer of liturgical music
  • Dolly Haas (1910–1994), German-American actress
  • Earle Haas (1888–1981), inventor of the modern menstrual tampon
  • Eddie Haas (born 1935), American baseball outfielder and manager
  • Eduard Haas (1897–1989), Austrian inventor of Pez candy
  • Ernst Haas (1921–1986), Austrian photographer and photojournalist
  • Ernst B. Haas (1924–2003), American political scientist
  • Felix Haas, German investor
  • Frank Joseph Haas, former Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia
  • Fred Haas (1916–2004), American golfer
  • Fritz Haas (zoologist) (1886–1969)
  • Geertruida de Haas-Lorentz (1885–1973), Dutch physicist
  • Gene Haas (born 1952), American machine tool manufacturer
  • Georg Haas (physician) (1886–1971), German medical doctor
  • Georg Friedrich Haas (born 1953), Austrian composer
  • Hans Haas (1886–1935), German Protestant theologian
  • Harald Haas, Professor of Mobile Communications, University of Edingburgh
  • Harald Haas (born 1990), Austrian software developer and politician
  • Helmut Haas (fl. 1949), discoverer of the Haas effect, a psychoacoustic effect
  • Hugo Haas (1901–1968), Czech film actor and director
  • Jacob de Haas (1872–1937), UK journalist and an early leader of the Zionist movement
  • Jay Haas (born 1953), American professional golfer
  • Josef Haas (born 1937), Swiss cross country skier
  • Joseph Haas (1879–1960), German composer
  • Karen L. Haas, American government administrator and lobbyist
  • Karl Haas (1913–2005), American classical music radio show host
  • Leonard Haas, Wisconsin politician and President of UW-Eau Claire
  • Lisbeth Haas, American historian and anthropologist
  • Lukas Haas (born 1976), American film actor
  • Mario Haas (born 1974), Austrian footballer
  • Mary Haas (1910–1996), American linguist
  • Mauritz de Haas (1832–1895), Dutch-American marine painter
  • Maximilian Haas (born 1985), German footballer
  • Monique Haas (1909–1987), French pianist
  • Moose Haas (born 1956), American baseball player
  • Mule Haas (1903–1974), American baseball player
  • Nico de Haas (1907–ca. 2000), Dutch National-Socialist editor, photographer, and artist
  • Pavel Haas (1899–1944), Czech Jewish composer
  • Peter W. Haas (born 1964), Slovak fine art photographer
  • Richard Haas (born 1936), American muralist
  • Robert Haas (clergyman), 19th-century German Lutheran minister
  • Robert Haas (musicologist) (1886–1960), Austrian musicologist
  • Russ Haas (1974–2001), American professional wrestler
  • Saskia Rao-de Haas, Dutch cellist of music from India
  • Sidney V. Haas, M.D. (1870–1964), American pediatrician and originator of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet
  • Thomas J. Haas, American university president
  • Tiffany Haas (born c. 1983), American softball player
  • Tommy Haas (born 1978), German tennis player
  • Toxey Haas (born 1960), American businessman
  • Wander Johannes de Haas (1878–1960), Dutch physicist and mathematician
  • Walter A. Haas (1889–1979), American president and chairman of Levi Strauss & Co.
  • Walter A. Haas, Jr. (1916–1995), American president and chairman of Levi Strauss & Co.
  • Walter H. Haas, (1917-2015), American amateur astronomer, founder of the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO)
  • Waltraut Haas (born 1927), Austrian actress and singer
  • Werner Haas (1927-1956), German motorcycle racer
  • Wolf Haas (born 1960), Austrian author
  • Wolfgang Haas (born 1948), archbishop in Liechtenstein
Haas (rocket)

Haas is a family of rocket space launchers developed by the Aeronautics and Cosmonautics Romanian Association ( ARCA) for the Google Lunar X Prize competition and for their national manned space program. It consists of Haas balloon-launched orbital rocket, Haas 2 airplane-launched orbital rocket, Haas 2b ground-launched suborbital rocket and Super Haas ground-launched orbital rocket.

It was named after Conrad Haas, a medieval rocket pioneer who lived and worked in what is now Romania, and was the first person to describe a multistage rocket in writing.

Haas (disambiguation)

Haas is a German surname.

Haas can also refer to:

  • Haas Automation, a machine tool company
  • Haas effect, a psychoacoustic effect
  • Haas (rocket), a Romanian launch system
  • Seri dialect name for the Honey Mesquite tree
  • Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley
  • USS Haas (DE-424), WWII US Navy destroyer escort
Buildings and structures
  • Haas Pavilion at the University of California, Berkeley
  • Haas House, a building in Vienna, Austria
  • Haas-Lilienthal House, a house in San Francisco, California
  • Newman/Haas Racing, an Indycar auto racing team
  • Stewart-Haas Racing, a NASCAR auto racing team
  • Travis Carter Enterprises formerly Carl A. Haas Motorsports, a NASCAR auto racing team
  • Haas F1 Team, a 21st century Formula 1 auto racing team
  • Haas Lola, a 20th century Formula 1 auto racing team

Usage examples of "haas".

People had started settling down, pairing off, and having kids, and that, while by no means a problem now, was the reason why the big boys at Headquarters Anchorwhich still meant van Haas and Cockburnhad instructed the landscape people to begin looking at area fill, the solidification and terraforming of the region between Anchors and Gates in each region.

Unbelievers, they had foolishly bet Haas five bucks apiece that his wife did not have a tattoo on her forearm.

He wanted her to feel the kind of terror Marlene Haas must have felt that day when Karl Dahl had come into her home and tortured her and her two children over the course of several hours before he had butchered her.

But everyone knew Dempsey had lost it in the interview room when they had first questioned Karl Dahl for the Haas murders.

Karl Dahl was a damn Boy Scout before he butchered Marlene Haas and those two children?

Beef House in downtown Jax, rarely had two dimes to rub together all of the time she was illegally married to warehouseman Haas.

Project Board of Directors, consisting of the six division chiefs and the project director himself, who was also the only nonmilitary man to sit on the Operational Board van Haas himself.

Dahl had been in the Haas home, that he had been there that day, that an eyewitness had seen him enter the house, that he had left a fingerprint on the telephone, that a neighbor had made a complaint about him to the police just days prior to the murders.

Yadin estimated there were more than twenty cave skeletons, but Haas catalogs only two hundred and twenty individual bones.

I understand that Atreus has made some interesting refinements in its Haas bio-chips.