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Haan is a town in the district of Mettmann, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is situated at the western edge of the Bergisches Land, 12 km southwest of Wuppertal and 17 km east of Düsseldorf. In 1975, Gruiten was incorporated into Haan.

Haan (surname)

Haan is surname of Dutch origin (Dutch spelling of ). People with this name include:

  • Arie Haan (b. 1948), Dutch professional football player and manager
  • Edmond Haan (b. 1924), French professional football player
  • Gijsbert Haan (1801–1874), Dutch-American religious leader, founder of the Christian Reformed Church in the United States and Canada
  • Khar Haan (b. 1955), African-European businessman, founder of the Socialist Party of Amsterdam
  • William G. Haan (1863–1924), American army officer during WWI

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Haan (film)

Haan is a 2005 South Korean spy thriller film starring Ahn Jae-mo, Im Yoo-jin and Go Jeong-il. Written and directed by Lee In-soo, it is based on the true story of Korea's first double agent, Haan Kil-soo (also known as Kilsoo Haan), who learned of the Japan's impending attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, tried to warn the U.S. but was ignored.

Lee studied historical documents about Haan for seven years and had already made a television documentary about the Korean-American spy. The two-part documentary titled X-file on Haan Kil-soo received a monthly award by the Korean Broadcasting Commission after it was aired on KBS1 in 2002.

Lee said: "There are three things that made Americans know about Korea, according to historians: the Korean War, the Koreagate scandal and Haan Kil-soo. The reality is that people hardly remember Haan, who is better known in foreign countries. I always felt sorry about that." Lee added: "Haan might have played a decisive role in achieving Korean liberation."