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Haal or ḥāl ( Arabic, meaning "state" or "condition", plural ahwal (aḥwāl)) is a special-purpose, temporary state of consciousness, generally understood to be the product of a Sufi's spiritual practices while on his way toward God.

Usage examples of "haal".

On the console it said it was the forty-seventh day of Haal, the moons of abundant rain.

They had gone round the coast, thousands of miles out of their wayfor Varnal lay many thousands of miles inlandand then sailed down the Haal River, the largest of the rivers on the continent.

Sergeant Haals bursts into the compartment, his arms clutching a small arsenal.

As I climb into the interior of the vehicle, I can hear Wolfe and Haals as they scramble into position up top.

Boomer, you go back and get Haals and the wounded, bring them back here.