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vb. (context Geordie English) To hold.

Haad (Adnan Hajrulahović)

Adnan Hajrulahović Haad (born 21 August 1980 in Doboj) is a Bosnian fashion designer and winner of numerous international fashion awards. His fashion studio is based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2013 Adnan Hajrulahović started his Get a game sports line, signing a kit sponsorship agreement with Bosnian football club FK Sarajevo.

On 31 March 2015 the label signed a kit sponsorship agreement with the Basketball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In May 2015 Haad Get a game opened a new top of the line factory in Zenica for the purpose of expanding its production.

Usage examples of "haad".

Then might she hope with a real hope, for the fields would give her sustenance which she could gain by night, while by day she hid among the surrounding hills, and sometime, yes, sometime she knew, the searchers would come, for John Carter, Warlord of Barsoom, would never cease to search for his daughter until every square haad of the planet had been combed again and again.

Horz to the twentieth west, including thus a million square haads, the greater proportion of which is fine grazing land where run our great herds of thoats and zitidars.

My one-man scout flier easily attains a speed of two thousand haads per zode (Note: Approximately three hundred miles per hour), nor could it have withstood the tremendous strain of a more powerful motor, though it would have been easy to have increased both the power of one and the speed of the other by the simple expedient of a longer propeller shaft carrying an additional number of armature bearings.