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Usage examples of "ha'".

Come out on the right side in that fight, laddie, and you'll ha' your land back and more besides, whatever Colum does.

Thy figurin' books might ha' tould thee better nor that, I should think, else thee mightst as well read the commin print, as Seth allays does.

The man on the roof above was wearing a robe and ha' aik, and armed with a light repeating-carbine.

You should ha' seen her chivvying us up to the mine to bring you down.

If the big brass had figured on us small guys, they coulda made the Platform the size of a one family house and it'd ha' been up in the sky now, with guys like me runnin' it, and guys my size could run the ferry rockets takin' fuel up for storage, and four of us could take a six-hundred-ton rocket and slide out to Mars and be back by spring-time -- next springtime -- with all the facts and the photographs to prove 'em.

This old girl o' yours ha' been fightin' like th' very devil, and she's come through it all in high style.

Gi' me a good Celtic puddock any day, who'll croak his croak and ha' done.

But as I prayed 'twas unfolder to me that the portent was no' for yersel' but for her— the puir weak hairt ye ha' tee save.

Lord, we must ha' been a sight, Ian wi' his wooden leg, and me wi' my stick, limping up and down the road like a pair of lame cranes!