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GYS (company)

Founded in 1964, in Laval, GYS is a French family-owned industrial group that engineers and manufactures three portfolio of products:

  1. ' Arc Welding Equipment :' ( Arc welder / TIG welder / MIG welder / Plasma Cutter)
  2. ' Automotive Body Repair Equipment :' ( Spot welder / Dent puller / MIG welder / Lifting equipment / Rivetting equipment)
  3. ' Battery Service Equipment :' ( Battery charger / Battery starter / Booster / Jumper cables)

Although GYS is headquartered in Laval, Mayenne - about 280 km west of Paris - the industrial group has R&D centers, factories and commercial subsidiaries in France, Germany, UK, India and China.


GYS may refer to:

  • Great Yorkshire Show
  • IATA code for Guangyuan Panlong Airport, China
  • GYS (company), French company

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