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Val Gyrth pulled his battered hat over his eyes, and hunching his shoulders, shuffled off towards Oxford Street.

Even Val Gyrth, now the least cautious of men, hesitated before entering.

Pethwick, who before her marriage to the late Sir Lionel Pethwick was, of course, Miss Diana Gyrth, is the sister of Col.

I happen to know for a fact that unless you do something the Gyrth Chalice will be in the private collection of a particularly illustrious Mohammedan within six months from to-day.

They were speeding down the main Colchester road, some thirty-six hours after Gyrth had stumbled into Mr.

Bentley drew up outside the Three Drummers and deposited Val Gyrth and Campion at the centre door.

Penelope Gyrth was tall like her brother, with the same clear-cut features, the same very blue eyes.

Sir Percival Gyrth, supported by his son, stood listening to the lady.

Colonel Gyrth who pulled himself together and provided the second shock within five minutes.

Sir Percival Gyrth walked up and down the hearthrug in his library, while his two children, with Mr.

Colonel Gyrth never took tea, and she was still alone when the door opened to admit the troubled face and portly figure of Mr.

Matthew Sanderson and his associates, was directly responsible for the whole adventure of the Gyrth Chalice, the employee whose death according to the rules of the society would constitute the only reason for the abandonment of the quest.

If they cavil at it you can answer sincerely that as far as you know it is the only Gyrth Chalice in existence.

Heronhoe Stables, Heronhoe, who fell from the tower in the east wing of the mansion of Colonel Sir Percival Gyrth, Bt, on the night of July 2nd while a birthday party was in progress.

He regretted, as must all those in Court, that such an unfortunate accident should have visited itself upon Colonel Sir Percival Gyrth and his family, who were already suffering from a very recent bereavement.