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Etymology 1 n. 1 (alternative form of gyro English) 2 (plural of gyro English)Category:English plurals Etymology 2

n. (plural of gyro English)

Gyros (moth)

Gyros is a genus of moths of the Crambidae family.

Usage examples of "gyros".

Drake not lose, American manhood before the bar of an entire Dayak village, even as his inner gyros went swinging level with the slippery surface of the wine he was lifting cautiously as a ticking bomb to his benumbed lips.

His fingers chattered out a computation on a set of keys, he fed the tape to the robot, he felt a faint tug as the gyros woke up, swiveling the vessel into position for blast.

She moved out at two gees, her gyros holding the blast toward the mass she was escaping, so that her elliptical orbit became a spiral.

You could order greasy gyros, watered-down sugary juice, or toxic coffee, and a purchase bought you a chance to lean at the counter while you consumed it.

The telescope was mounted in a shock-absorbing cradle just forward of the left wing, and was equipped with gyros and sensors to keep it locked on target.