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n. (context informal English) A member of the United States Marine Corps.

Usage examples of "gyrene".

Ever wonder what a flying gyrene like me is doing over here, running this toy-box?

The emperor, returned with all speed to Babylon, delegated Quietus to chastise the rebel cities: Gyrene, Edessa, Seleucia, great Greek centers of the Orient, were set on fire as punishment for treasons planned at mere caravan stops or contrived and directed from Jewries.

And that almost intolerable mask, the work of a sculptor of Gyrene, where pleasure and pain meet on the same face, and seem to break against each other like two waves on the same rock.

In the past Quietus had burned down Gyrene, executed the dignitaries of Laodicea, and recaptured a ruined Edessa.

I would compare it to that of the Aphrodite of Gyrene if you would take off your shirt so I could see it better.

She could not recall anyone ever in her entire life having made her so angry in so short a time as had this blond-haired, blue-eyed gyrene sonofabitch.

He glared down the sight with his left eye shut, and tried to remember the advice the actors always gave each other just before the gyrenes hit the beaches in the latenight war movies.

The liquored-up gyrenes did not take kindly to being called pacifistic dilettantes, especially by a suntanned civilian with a German accent.

Of course, it also made it harder for them to move and to fight, which helped the gyrenes and dogfaces on the ground.