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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gyrant \Gy"rant\ (j[imac]"rant), a. Gyrating. [R.]


a. (context poetic English) gyrate

Usage examples of "gyrant".

The chances of him ever hav­ing met Professor Gyrant Slahb were nonexistent as Slahb had retired before Prahd got out of kindergarten.

I took the Professor Gyrant Slahb identoplate and put it on the "authenticated" line.

I found a book by Professor Gyrant Slahb called Cells I Have Known and sure enough, there was his pic­ture on the back of it!

I gave him the briefest peek of the Professor Gyrant Slahb identoplate.

As you are part of the famous Gyrant Slahb family, I did not want to be remiss in my professional activities in your employ.

Doctor Gyrant Slahb often said, 'Where the Hells would cellology be without money'!