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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gynecology \Gyn`e*col"o*gy\ (j[i^]n`[-e]*k[o^]l"[-o]*j[y^] or g[imac]`n[-e]-), n. [Gr. gynh`, gynaiko`s, a woman + -logy.] The science which treats of the structure and diseases of women. -- Gyn`e*col"o*gist.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also gynaecologist, 1851, from gynecology + -ist.


n. (context American spelling English) A physician specializing in diseases of the female reproductive system.


n. a specialist in gynecology [syn: gynaecologist, woman's doctor]

Usage examples of "gynecologist".

A courtship was taking place in front of her, between her little bald gynecologist and her overweight movie-star friend in the middle of the worst crisis of her life, and neither one of them cared about her.

Anybody who believes that a gynecologist stops noticing women is just dead wrong.

Skreta, a gynecologist and abortionist who represents another kind of idealism, that of the scientist.

Jakub while working absent-mindedly and at times jokingly, pretending that Jakub is a gynecologist too.

Fran, a gynecologist at the hospital who knew everyone and everything.

Dread of the perverted gynecologist and his inquisitorial instruments.

For some reason we got on the subject of female medicine and I gave her the name of my gynecologist, Dr.

She went from him to a gynecologist, who considered her headache as owing to causes for which his specialty had the remedies.

For our own gynecologists have recently discovered that many women can be conditioned psychologically for natural and painless childbirth.

When I was a resident, we used to have grand rounds on Friday morning, and it was a very big thing, a big auditorium, with dozens of gynecologists from all over the city.

Here is this large room, filled with about forty board-certified gynecologists, and in walks a secretary, a very attractive-looking secretary.

And when everybody realized that everybody else was looking, all of us, this whole group of gynecologists, started laughing.

A lot of gynecologists have sexual relations with their patients right in the office.

There is a stereotype of gynecologists who feel contempt for their patients and who use this specialty to take out their hostilities against women.

Like most of the male gynecologists, he actually hates women, and when I talked about doing gynecology myself, he acted like I was cutting his balls off.