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GY, Gy, or gy may refer to:

Usage examples of "gy".

Never shall I forget the dunt that the first tap of the drum gied to my heart, as I was sitting on Hansel Monday by myself at the parlour fireside, Mrs Balwhidder being throng with the lassies looking out a washing, and my daughter at Ayr, spending a few days with her old comrades of the boarding school.

Alexander of Gyer, but I do have some small memory from my childhood of a place called Gyer.

Edyth found themselves alone with Alexander of Gyer and the man named Willem.

Lillis moved to hold her up, then was surprised to find that the Lord of Gyer had also reached out a steadying hand.

Jaward a missive, letting him know that his daughter was being kept at Gyer, and could word it in such a way that no obvious threat would be implied, or he could come right out and tell Jaward to meet his terms else his only child would suffer.

Hugh and Hugo spending all of their days waylaying travelers on the main road and bringing them back to Gyer as prisoners.

And yet, he thought, keeping Gyer out of war was worth breaking every vow he had ever made.

I told you last eve, we merely wish to take our leave of Gyer as soon as possible.

You do know that Dunsted is directly to the south of Gyer, do you not?

There is a strip of land bordering Gyer and Dunsted that the people of both fiefs have disputed the ownership of for many years.

The land belongs to Gyer, but Jason de Burgh and his people are so stubborn over the matter that they refuse to give way.

They insist on making pests of themselves by visiting raids on Gyer, while my people retaliate in kind, regardless of my efforts to stop them.

She had no doubt that the food at Gyer was better than the viands that would nourish them at Wellewyn would be, if they ever got to Wellewyn, because her father was very poor and could not afford fine cooks and expensive fare.

There were two guards now, standing nearby, who would protest if she tried to enjoy such simple freedoms, for Alexander of Gyer had made it clear that she was not to be allowed outside the castle walls unless he was present.

Alexander of Gyer assured me this morn that we would be well received by them, but it seems that the only thing those ladies well receive is the gossip Aunt Leta gives them.