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GVT may refer to:

  • Gravity-vacuum transit, a proposed transit system that provides fast ground speeds
  • Gauge vector–tensor gravity, a relativistic generalization of the MOdified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND) paradigm
  • Global Village Telecom, a Brazilian telecommunications company
  • Global Virtual Time, a Distributed computing synchronization method
  • Graft-versus-tumor effect, which may occur at stem cell transplantations
  • Graphics Virtualization Technology, developed by Intel
  • Majors Airport, a public-use airfield in Greenville, Texas, United States (FAA & IATA identification code)
  • Glyn Valley Tramway a closed narrow gauge, horse hauled, later steam tramway in north-east Wales
  • GVT TV, an operator of Pay television via Satellite subsidiary from Global Village Telecom
  • Gajendra Varadha Temple, in Thirukkavithalam, a village in the outskirts of Papanasam in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu
  • Gone Viral TV, a High Definition Pay-TV channel based out of Barbados and distributed exclusively by Gulfcom Inc.
  • Grand Valley Trail, 275 km long and runs from Rock Point Provincial Park on Lake Eri
  • Grand Valley Transit, the public transportation agency that serves the Grand Junction area
  • Green Valley Township
  • Green View Tower, a skyscraper in Tijuana, Mexico and has become a prominent fixture in the city.
  • Gaius Valerius Troucillus, a Helvian Celt who served as an interpreter and envoy for Julius Caesar in the first year of the Gallic Wars