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A guz ( Persian: , Hindi: }) or Mughul yard, also written as gaz, guzz, guj, huj or gudge, is a unit of length used in parts of Asia. Historically, it was a regionally variable measurement, similar to the English yard both in size and in that it was often used for measuring textiles. Values of the guz ranged from 24 inches to 41 inches over time. Today, it is generally used in the Indian subcontinent as the word for a "yard". A present day sari is still measured as 7 huj while a traditional one can be as long as 9 huj.

Usage examples of "guz".

Benj Hoffman, especially since the latter was good with the Mesklinite language and, if Guz were right, seemed to want to talk to Mesklinites.

Centaur scout ship, which had the best navigational information system in the Corridor, but Guz had never really used it, had only checked that it was fully functional.

Little Infinity shot across the landscape, and Guz dialed in a destination.

A Centaurian navigator had gazed at this screen, running from his own devils, unsuccessfully, for the ship from which Guz had personally pried the unit had been a casualty.