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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Go and ask the landlord about the watch, guv.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1890, shortening of guvner, casual British pronunciation of governor as a title of respect.


n. (context British chiefly London informal English) a form of address, usually to an unknown male or a superior. An informal form of sir.

Usage examples of "guv".

Under the direction of the Guv, a semiorganized group was struggling to pry open the doors that led to the transport tunnel.

Well, I told it to him, and as depressed as he was, he practically fell down laughing, so I told him to get himself a pen and paper, and once he did I sat down and told him the one about the poet and the feather merchant's twin daughters, and then the one about the Sumo wrestler and the circus thin lady, and the one about the six-fingered gangster and the one-eyed manicurist, and by the time the sun had come up I've guv him about a hundred such knee-slappers.