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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gutty \Gut"ty\, a. [L. gutta drop: cf. F. goutt['e]. Cf. Guttated.] (Her.) Charged or sprinkled with drops.


Etymology 1 a. (context heraldry English) Charged or sprinkled with drops. alt. (context heraldry English) Charged or sprinkled with drops. Etymology 2

a. gutsy; brave.

Usage examples of "gutty".

How ugly he must be, under that hood, to be able to write such gutty, such effective stuff.

The boy falls with soft gutty suction through a maze of penny arcades and dirty pictures.

And you the big knob down from Dublin with your gutty moves like that!

Not to find out how things work: that comes later, when the appetite for dismantling has paled- method is the necessary spice, but it never precedes the gutty satisfaction of tearing something up.

The weapon had a flat, gutty bark, much more authoritative than the snapping of the twenty-two.

Porquerolles is the place for you, and a good gutty Italian girl of sixteen.

He had lost a lot of that gutty weight from not eating for about three weeks during the whole nightmare.

I took it, thanking him kindly, and wished for a palace and bunch of gutty retainers.

He discovered she had a wonderful laugh, a gutty rush of sound that he wanted to hear more of.

A gutty grunt answered, and Candlemas saw a big iron-ringed boot sail by.