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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Gutta \Gut"ta\, n.; pl. Gutt[AE]. [L.]

  1. A drop.

  2. (Arch.) One of a series of ornaments, in the form of a frustum of a cone, attached to the lower part of the triglyphs, and also to the lower faces of the mutules, in the Doric order; -- called also campana, and drop.

    Gutta serena [L., lit. serene or clear drop] (Med.), amaurosis.

    Gutt[ae] band (Arch.), the listel or band from which the gutt[ae] hang.


n. (context architecture English) A small water-repelling, cone-shaped projection used in the architrave of the Doric order in classical architecture.


A gutta ( Latin pl. guttae, "drops") is a small water-repelling, cone-shaped projection used in the architrave of the Doric order in classical architecture. At the top of the architrave blocks, a row of six guttae below the narrow projection of the taenia (fillet) and cymatium formed an element called a regula. A regula was aligned under each triglyph of the Doric frieze. In addition, the underside of the projecting geison above the frieze had rectangular protrusions termed mutules that each had three rows of six guttae. These mutules were aligned above each triglyph and each metope.

It is thought that the guttae were a skeuomorphic representation of the pegs used in the construction of the wooden structures that preceded the familiar Greek architecture in stone. However, they have some functionality, as water drips over the edges, away from the edge of the building.

Gutta (album)

Gutta is the debut studio album by American rapper Ace Hood. It was released on November 18, 2008, by We the Best Music Group and Def Jam Recordings. The album debuted at number 36 on the US Billboard 200, selling 24,700 copies in its first week. The videos of "Get Him", "Ride (Remix)" and "Can't See Y'all" were released.

Gutta (disambiguation)

Gutta is a small water-repelling projection used in classical architecture. Gutta may also refer to

  • Gutta (album), debut studio album by American rapper Ace Hood
  • Gutta Mixx, album by rapper Bushwick Bill
  • Gutta på tur, a Norwegian travel-TV show
Medicine and biology
  • Gutta-percha, trees of the genus Palaquium and the rigid natural latex produced from the sap of these trees
  • Guttae (medical), liquid drops
Places in India
  • Chandrayan Gutta, a suburb in Hyderabad, India
  • Govinda Rajula Gutta, a historical place in Telangana, India
  • Jagathgiri Gutta, a colony and a ward in Telangana, India
  • Doli Gutta, a mountain peak in the northern part of the Deccan Plateau in India
  • Gutta (name)
Gutta (name)

Gutta may refer to the following people

  • Jwala Gutta (born 1983), Indian badminton player
  • Vijaya Bapineedu (Gutta Bapineedu Chowdary, born 1936), Indian magazine editor and film director

Usage examples of "gutta".

They are chiefly sugar, pepper, tin, nutmegs, mace, sago, tapioca, rice, buffalo hides and horns, rattans, gutta, india rubber, gambier, gums, coffee, dye-stuffs, and tobacco, but the island itself, though its soil looks rich from its redness, only produces pepper and gambier.

But because each gutta tree yields only two or three pounds of gutta-percha, and long submarine cables could require hundreds, even thousands, of tons, the next fifty years would see the gutta trees extirpated from much of their native range.