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n. (plural of gust English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: gust)

Usage examples of "gusts".

The signboard swung in the gusts, invitingly torchlit, its prom-ise of warmth and comfort depicted in gilt letters and a brightly painted bullfrog with a tankard.

By afternoon Carcadonn bucked over wavecrests blasted to spindrift, Pummeled by gusts, her gear rattled and crashed aloft.

Fog swallowed the mast down to the spreaders, and gusts screamed through the rigging like the ribald laughter of hags.

He huddled in the cockpit and tried to remember what it felt like to be warm, while gusts played a song of endless winter through the stays.

Still, when the rains fell, driven by biting gusts, men did not shelter beneath that undercut rock.

When the gusts subsided and his vision cleared to allow a squint beyond the cliffs, he stopped in his tracks and forgot everything to do with the insatiable requirements of woodfires.

Brought up short, the horse settled, blowing gusts and rolling its eyes.

Clouds lowered, and the wind blew, strong gusts that buffeted the heights.

The gusts carried fragmented sounds of voices, then a flare of yellow torchlight.

Mountain born traced their faces with luck signs, and soldiers not in the habit of praying appealed to their maker for protection until gusts erased their trail.

Visibil-ity closed down to inches during gusts, when the white of blown drifts added to the flakes already falling.

Snowfall tapered off, and the gusts subsided to the barest whisper of a breeze.

The twenty-span breadth of its primaries raised gusts that plumed the drifts.

Though gusts ham­mered the surrounding waves into a churning millrace of foam, the cask bobbed gently, girdled by calm only one sorcerer could command.

Slapped by fresh gusts, the sloop's patched canvas flogged with a fury no man could subdue.