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Guste is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Roy F. Guste, American chef and cookbook writer
  • William J. Guste (1922–2013), American lawyer and businessman

Usage examples of "guste".

Slavering and holding out his white mildewed gloves, he tendered his sympathies, those sympathies of his which made little distinction between joy and sorrow, to all the assembled company, to Mother Truczinski, to Guste, Fritz, and Maria Truczinski, to the corpulent Mrs.

Maria already had a green one with red trimmings that her sister Guste had given her as a confirmation present.

His suit datavised an amber alert to his neural nanonics as the heat impact of the flames gusted against the outer layer.

Skyhavens ahead glowed a fragile platinum as the Van Alien radiation belt particles gusted across their web strands.

The wind gusted again, blowing his dropped notepad over onto the shoulder of the road, where it came to rest against a jutting chunk of rock.

A buzzard flapped out of the flying dirt, made a last-minute course adjustment as the wind gusted, then landed on the hood of the cruiser.

The war horses tossed their heads and snorted as the wind gusted smoke from the burning woods across the battlefield.

His horse was covered with sweat, and it shivered as the chill night air gusted over it.

Mostly the stonemass is caught as billows, but there are pillars that corkscrew faintly and become wisps at their peak, where leaks of smokestone have gusted in very still air.

Little wisps of steam gusted from the nose ring, and Toro threw back its head.

The winds had gusted great roils, rock cumulonimbus on the anvil-tops of which they laid tracks quickly, nervous that they might revert.

He moved his hands, and the school of moving haints changed, came together, gusted suddenly through the golem, and where they passed they left a light in the core of the thing.

Even as the wave of horror gusted through it, the last sinistral, in the body of the man astride the homeless child, saw a terrifying thing in its mirror helm.

The body of the Ringess was made of bits of glass of every colour, and each time the wind gusted, the glass fragments strained against each other, and the whole window bowed inward.

She just waited, and the water lapped against the stones, and the wind gusted through my hair and pulled strands of hers from the silver-cords, softening her straight strong features in the afternoon light.